About the team

We’re a team of athletes and entrepreneurs who love great products and know the power of a good brand. Our goal is to help brands unlock collegiate and professional licensing to help them expand their product offering, tap into new markets, and ulitmately increase revenues.

  • Jimmer Fredette

    Jimmer Fredette


    Jimmer Fredette is not just a professional basketball player and co-founder of our company, but also a savvy businessperson with a keen eye for investment opportunities. Known for his exceptional shooting skills on the court, he brings the same precision and dedication to our business operations. His ability to network and build strong relationships has been instrumental in our company's growth and success. Jimmer's business acumen, combined with his passion for investing, has helped us navigate the complex world of business and consistently deliver value to our stakeholders.

  • Joe Summers

    Joe Summers


    Joe Summers is not only a Co-Founder of our company but also a seasoned expert in licensing and retail sales. His journey began as a D1 football player at Utah State, where he developed a strong discipline and strategic mindset. These skills translated seamlessly into his professional career, allowing him to navigate the complex world of licensing with ease. His understanding of retail sales and his ability to forge strong relationships have been instrumental in our company's growth and success.

  • Chris Collinsworth

    Chris Collinsworth


    Chris Collinsworth, a Co-Founder of our company, is a web developer and product enthusiast who thrives on building innovative solutions on the internet. His journey began as a D1 basketball player at BYU, where he played alongside Jimmer Fredette. This experience instilled in him a competitive spirit and a deep understanding of teamwork, which he applies to his professional career. His passion for technology and product development, combined with his athletic discipline, allows him to create digital products that not only solve complex problems but also deliver exceptional user experiences. His contributions have been instrumental in shaping our company's digital landscape and driving our continuous growth.